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Tamkeen launches “Intelaaq” in partnership with “MENA Investment”

June 26, 2018




June 11,2018


Tamkeen has announced the launch of the third edition of “Intelaaq” program which started its first batch in April, in partnership with the MENA Center for Investment.


The program is part of a partnership agreement signed by Tamkeen and the Bahrain-based MENA Center for Investment. The initiative is part of a coordinated effort to strengthen and develop the capabilities of Bahrainis and companies in the private sector. It is one of the innovative initiatives aimed at enhancing the skills and capabilities of Bahraini students and graduates at a professional level and enhancing their skills by giving them experience in highly professional and specialized fields.


The program targets about 300 outstanding university students and recent graduates of different local and international universities. Participants will be joining in consecutive batches this year by giving them the opportunity to work as professional consultants on real projects at participating companies based in Bahrain, for a period of 3 months.


Tamkeen’s Chief Executive, Dr. Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi, welcomed the specialized program, as it offers tremendous professional value in a framework of innovation and professionalism to enhance the performance and productivity of the organization. He pointed out that this program targets analytical thinking skills on a consultative level and opens growth opportunity to all majors of university students and graduates involved, it enriches their knowledge by increasing their level of creativity and analytical skills.


The program provides students with full support to enhance their expertise by working in integrated teams under the supervision and guidance of a highly qualified expert and consultant hired by MENA for this purpose. Each team will provide innovative and practical solutions to actual challenges faced by the participating companies.


The participating students will make complete and professional recommendations to the client, and their performance will be evaluated and ranked accordingly.


The 12-week program is designed to train students in various skills that are required to do their work effectively, such as teamwork, critical thinking, punctuality, and professional and high-level work ethics. Students will also benefit from the experience of business community leaders through a series of workshops by experts from different fields, who will be hosted within the “Intelaaq” program, in addition to organizing networking events.


Those wishing to participate in this program are welcome to apply to [email protected] or visit the Intelaaq website (


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