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We are collaborating with Bahrain Polytechnic and its business students

Dina Shabib and Jareer Oweimrin, Managing Directors of Intelaaq-Student Business Consultancy are collaborating with Bahrain Polytechnic and its business students to enable the operational and strategic tasks of local Bahraini firms. Intelaaq has been working with five firms to boost their capabilities in different sections, from beauty and lifestyle to investments and manufacturing. More than 20 students are involved in this initiative which will eventually give them exposure to live business challenges. They will apply their theoretical classroom learning to real businesses thus reaching a conclusion of mutual interest and benefit. The student will also have a chance to interact with industry professionals through a series of seminars and experience sharing. 

Projects in detail:

Project 1: The Bahrain Polytechnic students are working with Venture Capital Company to draft a private placement memorandum (PPM) for a fund that will be issued under the central bank of Bahrain. This will involve familiarizing themselves through research other PPMs from different available databases. Then they will analyze the parts that are most necessary to include in the PPM. Finally they will draft with the client’s help the key components of the PPM to be submitted to the Central Bank of Bahrain

Project 2:  Bahrain Polytechnic students will be working with a manufacturing facility to set performance measures for the company’s operations, while helping create an atmosphere conducive for productivity and efficiency. They will be doing this by learning about key performance indicators and their result on organizations. They will implement this research in real live sessions with the client and present evidence based recommendations for the client’s application. 

Project 3: BP students are working with a local business in the beauty and therapeutics industry to define their marketing strategy, specifically focusing on the brand, segmentation, value proposition, and target audience. They will conduct a competitive analysis of the similar businesses in the area. They will track the differentiation points to be highlighted to the client. They will suggest a marketing mix of advertising and media for the client to expand the business awareness and customer reach.

Project 4: BP students will be working with a small business to find a suitable future location. The business is struggling with a lack of parking spaces which is impacting the foot traffic into the business. The students will be surveying the clientele to understand where a more suitable location would be. Then they will work with a real estate agent to identify more reasonable location. Then the will lay down a plan for the relocation of the business with minimal impact to the business. 

Project 5: A local entertainment and gaming business is being helped by BP students. They are formulating a survey that draws insights into Customer needs and price reasonability and also wanting to understand the peak working days in a week and what are the peak hours during a day. They will be onsite with the client to monitor the number of clientele. They will present their findings at the end of the semester to the client and offer suggestions of how to increase traffic during other specific days.