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What can Intelaaq do for our clients?
Our primary mission is to professionally prepare our students for real-world business challenges through real-world business experiences. By the time our students have completed a project with Intelaaq Student Business Consulting, they have succeeded in delivering challenging assignments under tight time pressure as part of a cross-functional team, which contributed significant business impact to a real-world client – all before graduation. Our student consultants are directly responsible for leading teams to deliver client value often totaling in the thousands or millions of dollars. Needless to say, we have found that these attributes make our Intelaaq members highly sought after as full-time employees by commercial businesses and consultancies after graduation and beyond.
Who are our clients?
We have successfully completed many projects for clients of all sizes and all industries ranging from entrepreneurial startups to small and medium sized businesses. Our client selection criteria centers on delivering real value to both the client’s businesses and our students’ professional development. We prioritize projects based on the following attributes:
Project Scope:
Projects must involve a significant analytical element and require critical thinking from our student consultants. Problems should be challenging and provide an opportunity to deliver a meaningful and actionable benefit to the client company. Our emphasis is on real-world application of our consulting methodology rather than theoretical case-studies or purely educational experiences. In addition, projects must be sized to enable significant value creation over a compressed, fast-paced, engagement cycle.
Client Engagement:
We prefer to work with clients who are willing and able to have regular engagement with our student consultants. At a minimum, this means assigning at least one point-person from the client company to be an internal sponsor or champion of the project. The sponsor should be available for a 1-hour bi-monthly call during the duration of the project to receive updates and give guidance to the team. Due to the relative intensity of our engagements, clients should be timely in responding to information and feedback requests from the student team.

The client sponsor would also arrange for senior leadership to attend the midpoint and final presentations in order to provide feedback, high-level student-client interactions, and critical performance appraisals. Ideally, these reviews occur face-to-face either at the University or on site at the client’s place of business.

Finally, clients should be willing to act as professional references for the student team as they pursue their full-time careers after graduation (assuming their work was deemed exemplary).
How long is a typical engagement?
Client engagements are accepted all year long. We conduct four cycles each year. Fall projects typically begin in September. Spring projects kick off in February and April. Summer projects start in June.Each cycle runs approximately 12 weeks.
What is the size of a student team?
Student teams typically consist of 4 to 5 consultants and one team leader. We typically staff projects with a mix of undergraduate business students. Students are also matched to projects based on personal preference along with any technical, industry, language, or functional needs specific to the engagement.
How is Intelaaq structured?
Students are selected as student consultants based on a rigorous criteria each year. Team leaders are primarily responsible for ensuring the highest quality deliverable and client satisfaction.
How much time do I, as a client, need to devote to managing a student team?
Our teams are highly self-sufficient overseen by a small cadre of professional staff with decades of real-world business and consulting experience outside of academia. In short, we do not need hand-holding.

That said clients are expected to be available for a midpoint and final review. In addition, due to the intensity and rapid pace of our engagements, clients should be prepared to quickly turn around student requests for information and feedback in order to ensure a quality end-deliverable.
How much does it cost?
Client projects/engagements are FREE. Intelaaq is fully supported by Tamkeen and operates on a cost-recovery basis, not as a profit center. Each student on a 5-member team devotes 10-15 hours per week on a typical 12-week engagement. Our student teams typically invest a minimum of 600-800 hours into each project. From the testimonials of our clients, the results we have delivered have been equivalent or even superior in work product than commercial consultancies.