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Intelaaq is a student business consultancy that connects students with corporations for semester long engagements. Intelaaq espouses the bridging of the educational institution with the corporate and professional environment. Intelaaq also teaches students the soft and hard skills to facilitate an easier transition to the professional world. Through Intelaaq’s network of professionals, learning will be at the forefront of the initiative.

For Semester Long Engagements

  • Business Consulting in marketing, finance, accounting, operations, IT and general management
  • Soft and Hard Skill Development: Communication, Presentation Development, Financial Modeling,
        Strategic Frameworks, Project Management
  • Mentoring: Enlisting members of the business community to listen and assist in students'
        professional and personal development.
  • Guest Speaking Seminars: A two-way communication avenue for students to learn and question     experiences and decisions from prominent business leaders